• 3S – Sleek, Simple, and Sublime

The look of the Groove is very minimalist, no-frills, but looks really great. The clean, modern aesthetic and minimalist look make it the centre of attention on any desk.

  • Be concentrated on every detail

You may not put much thought into the keyboard inside, but we did. SF is a patented technology that fills all spaces – between the aluminum plate and the PCB with a silicone material, and stuff sound absorbing material in the bottom case that makes the same sound feedback when typing on it.

  • Get a superior typing experience

The Groove F/T excels at what they’re intended to do – tune all keys to make it absolutely outstanding and provide a sublime typing experience.

  • Make every penny counts

If the keyboard is the main tool of your work every day, and needs to do lots of typing…for pure typing pleasures, like a chef needs a really, really good knife.

  • Details make perfect

The thing with Groove is that it has no fancy features or design – only the absolute essentials, but the built-in quality is top of the line. Make it is on par with high-end keyboard brands.

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